Passion cooking

David’s second greatest passion after singing and performing is cooking!

With much love, time, meticulous product selection and a great sence of flavor combination, he creates mouth watering delicacies that also impress visually.

You can find many of the finished dishes regularly on David’s second Instagram profile @davidemoorecooks and under the hashtag #davidemoorecooks. He sometimes presents individual steps of the preparation in Instagram stories, too.

Music, Meals & Moore

In 2019, David took his passion cooking a step further. Since then, he combines his vocation of singing with his passion of cooking: and there you’ll have his entertaining cooking show Music, Meals & Moore.

Moore than Spice

In 2021, he extended Music, Meals & Moore bringing it to your home!

If you want to cook with the online version of his show (or simply want to try out David’s recipes), you can now cook more easily at home with David’s diverse seasoning mixes Moore than Spice – and you can be pretty sure that it will taste good, too!

Logo Moore than Spice

Sample dishes

David at “Frédéric loves”

Lifestyle consultant Frédéric of Frédéric loves advises clients on topics such as fashion, beauty and trends. Of course, a healthy lifestyle also requires a light, healthy, variety full diet.

David was invited in 2017 to Frédéric’s TV production, and gave tips from his own experience of how to make a dietary change. David together with the guest prepared a smorgasbord of delicious dishes for guests and crew to enjoy in the studio kitchen of tvision.